What’s good fam!! My name is Joseph but my close friends call me Joe. I’m a husband to my lovely lady LaToya, a dedicated and busy father of 5 kids and a man who LOVES to eat! HA!

When I started my weight loss journey, I was sitting a whopping 357 lbs.

I loved carbs, but I was miserable. I had previously dropped down to 335, but after that achievement, the scale wouldn’t budge and I magically ended up at 350ish again. I gave up… I lost hope… I started to have the mindset of “I’m just going to be “big forever”.

While 391 lbs was my heaviest weight, I always managed to rest at 350ish lbs. And yoooo, let me tell you, 335 lbs was my enemy on the scale. Seriously! Everything I tried just didn’t work or I got tired of it. One day, my wife LaToya said she wanted to try keto with me and I was like nope, but I’ll cook your meals for you. Yep, I said those exact words. LOL. After several rejections, my wife had enough and “voluntold” me to do keto with her.

Since starting our keto journey in July 2019, I’ve dropped down to 283lbs. I don’t count my heavier weight before the 357 lbs because I’ve always been around 350 ish lbs.

After starting, I quickly dropped down to 335 lbs and I was like yes, either we gonna get passed this or I’m going to be fat forever!! I finally dropped down to 328 lbs after 10 years of trying.

I then hit a plateau once I got down to 307 lbs. I stayed at the 307 lbs mark for over 2 months. I’m sharing this to be transparent. Honestly, my before and after photos do not disclose those moments I wanted to give up, I wanted to quit, when I did quit, when I ate carbs vs keto, when I made cheat meals to cheat days, and when I wanted keto snacks. I overcame my hurdle by stopping a lot of poor keto habits. I quickly dropped from 307 lbs to 283 lbs while taking supplements.

I’m sharing this with you guys in hope that TODAY you’ll have some hope, TODAY you won’t watch the scale, TODAY you will be true to your lifestyle and not give up. I hope that my journey will challenge YOU to be true to not having cheat days, true to sticking with it and trusting the process.  My wife and I truly want you to help you achieve your goals and see results. I have now transformed my mindset and claim the title of a Keto Hope Dealer.

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Joe before after
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