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Joe and Toya
Your Favorite Keto Powerhouse Couple

Hey y’all! Joe and Toya here!

We are so glad you dropped by our page! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

My wife and I are all about helping others crush obesity while spreading hope (and a lil’ bit of laughter)

Having started our journey together back in July 2019, we realized that if folks were watching us, then we must have been doing something right.

Instead of telling folks to DO better, we decided to BE that example and SHOW them how THEY can be better. We are not the ones who will always LIE and tell you YES. We are honest and will be transparent with you. It’s time to tighten up.

We have spent too many years NOT taking care of our bodies to the point where my wife said enough is enough!

Now Listen, we are not going to shun you, judge you or talk down to you. We are all in this healthy journey TOGETHER. This isn’t some DAMN competition where you have to outdo everyone else. We just want you to realize how important your health really is. We want to help ENCOURAGE you to put your health as a priority.

Are we keto coaches? Not yet but we can refer you to our personal coaches who would not allow us to give up and gave us that hardcore, tough love.

Are we mentors? We guess you can say so! LOL

We are here to not only inspire others but to be a good example to our kids. That is our why. WHAT IS YOUR WHY?

YOU, YOUR BODY, AND YOUR HEALTH MATTERS. Let’s start treating it as such.

About LaToya

LaToya started her keto journey in July 2019 after getting fed up of feeling miserable. She got tired of not being able to keep up with her kids and would often times be out of breath within minutes of participating in extracurricular activities with her kids or whole exercising. Her mission is to spread hope to others while being the light that folks who are trying to lose weight and get healthier need to see. Momma of 5 kiddos. Married to her hubby for 12 years. They currently reside in Vegas.


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About Joe

Joe started his keto journey alongside his wife in July 2019. During his journey, he learned the good, the bad, and the ugly about keto. Now, he wants to take what he has learned and spread hope to others while on their own personal health and wellness journey. He’s a devoted father of 5 and has married to his wife for 12 years. They currently reside in Vegas.



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joe and latoya
Joe and latoya before after
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