Keto Treats/Meal Planning

Local Keto Bakeries in Vegas

Joe and Toya from Keto Hope Dealers have made it their mission to find local keto bakeries and restaurants that serve keto food and treats. They are also keto food reviewers and share their experience with others. They are all about helping others crush obesity while spreading hope. Check out their FB page and see how far they have come on their keto journey. Make sure to LIKE their page:

Also, follow them on Instagram @ketohopedealers, @khdketomag and @officialketomancave where they are preparing to launch their virtual show” Dat Good Ole’ Keto Cooking w/Joe and Toya” in the near future.

Starburst Parlor

(ships chocolate cookies nationwide)

Rosa’s Keto Treats

(ships nationwide, orders must be placed by Thursdays 12 noon PST) **referred by Stephanie King**

Mac’s Bakery

(Orders must be placed by Thursday 12 noon PST. Ships keto boxes, nationwide)


(delivers locally)

Trinisha Marks-The Cookie Lady-Remarkable Creations

(pickup only) *referred by Jeremy Washington*

Keto Treats the cookie lady

Maribel’s Sweet Treats

Offer keto/low carb keto cakes and treats.Will be offering shipping options soon. The weekly menu is shared every week on her FB and IG pages.

Khay’s Sweet Patisseries

(Makes Customized Keto Cakes and Pastries from Scratch-Offers Local Delivery or Pickup)

The Naughty Whisk

Offers Keto tamales, keto desserts, keto rolls, and more!

Keto Food from The Naughty Whisk shop logo in keto treats

Global Keto Bakeries

The Keto Bakery Box

The keto bakery box is a fully licensed and inspected commercial bakery. They bake according to a very strict ketogenic standard, using only the finest and clean ingredients. You will NEVER find any artificial sweeteners such as maltitol or sucralose, fillers, wheat gluten, preservatives or additives in our bakery items. Check out their cinnamon sticks. So delicious!

Worthy Cakes

Ships to all 50 states.Offers keto dessert options.Pickup option is available.

Kyla’s Keto Treats

Ships to all 50 states.Offer delicious keto dessert and food options.Pickup option is available.


Ships to all 50 states.Offers yummy keto desserts.

Keto Meal Planning

Destoo’s Kitchen

(Looking for Keto, Veggie, and Low Sodium meal prep? Check out Destoo’s Kitchen. Their keto meals start at $13.)

Starburst Parlor

(Tired of having to prepare meals every week and just want prepared keto meals already done for you?
Check out Starburst Parlor! Weekly menus with new items being added.)