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Have you ever desired to have a keto magazine that offers more than recipes and articles that do not have an impact on your keto/low-carb journey?

Would you love to have a keto magazine that gives you hope and challenges you to put your health as a # 1 priority in your life?

Do you desire to gain access to a digital magazine that was designed specifically for our keto/low-carb folks in mind?

Want to lose weight, not currently on keto, and want to get more information about the ketogenic lifestyle?

The KHD Magazine is now available! You’ll get two subscription options of quarterly or annually.

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KHD Keto Magazine is a godsend! This family has taken the true essence of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle; and have placed it in a simplistic format. When I say the true essence, I’m referring to the blood, sweat, and tears of doing the actual work (eating right, meal prepping, keeping their kitchen “clean”, etc.) of maintaining the ketogenic diet; NOT the commercialized gimmicky keto diet. I hope that everyone who encounters this magazine will find something that will leave them revitalized and full of hope! You can do it! Let the words in this magazine guide your path.

- Monique

WOW!!!! I looooove the magazine. It’s filled with great information and the recipes are helpful for a beginner like me. This is a must have for anyone on the Keto journey.
- Jacquelin

Just by reading through the introduction, I was really impressed and encouraged. Especially for the simple fact that you & your husband are doing keto together. That is my favorite part, and not to mention, that you guys are encouraging and real. I love that you guys spread hope!

- Stephanie

Yes! It was super cool!

- Karla

New Year. New You. Fresh Beginnings. Second chances.

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