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Hey ya’ll, Hey ya’ll, Heyyyyyyyyyy. Toya here! I am a 36-year old POWERHOUSE wife of 12 years to my amazing and extremely supportive hubby and business partner Joseph better known as my sexy “Black Knight”. We are blessed to have 5 amazing kids with our oldest daughter Dia who is currently 16 graduating high school in 2021. EEEKKKKK.

I started my KETO journey alongside my hubby in July 2019 when I realized how unhealthy I had allowed myself to get. I was tired of having asthma attacks and feeling out of breath every time I tried to play around or hang out with our kids. It was humiliating and caused my depression and anxiety symptoms to worsen.

In 2009, after the birth of our oldest son Amauri, I had surgery to remove my gallbladder due to gall bladder stones (this can happen due to poor diet and eating habits) and a week later, a kidney stint due to kidney stones.

Still, this did not give me the wake- up call necessary to treat my body better and get back into shape as a whole.

The wakeup call happened, when I got on the scale earlier in 2019, and realized I was close to hitting 260 lbs. Oh heck no!!! My heaviest had been 275 after the birth of Trinity, our youngest princess. What an eye-opener!

Fast forward to today, I stay busy mentoring, empowering, and challenging others to put their health as a priority. I have lost over 65 lbs on the keto lifestyle and have made a vow to NEVER go backwards. MY life and health depend on it. I now see a therapist on a regular basis and make sure to take my meds which helps me deal with anxiety and depression.

In my spare time, I enjoy songwriting, singing, traveling with my family as well as being an advocate for troubled youth.

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