Joe and Toya are such a helpful team that are always sharing great keto knowledge and tips. If they don’t know the answer, they will make sure to find it while guiding you in the right direction to ensure your keto journey is a success.

Joey Rivera

Latoya and Joe have been a huge inspiration to both Nicholas and I. We have tried keto before but never like this. They have introduced us to new products that have helped us on this lifestyle change. We enjoy their friendship and think they do a great job at being positive and encouraging fellow keto’ers to keep pushing through and to be the best versions of themselves.

Love you guys!!!

Ashley Alvarez

Joseph and Latoya at Keto Hope Dealers are not just supplement distributors. They are way more than that. They are so supportive and inspirational in ALL aspects of life. They truly want to see the best you! A healthy you!

Nick Alvarez

LaToya and Joseph are the real deal. These two are full of wisdom and inspiration for those who really want to overcome obesity and walk in health. I recommend them as a part of your health regimen – body, mind, and spirit!

Carlie Kerchevel

Great couple sharing life, love, and support for all who need help to live a healthy lifestyle. They are a blessing.

Rosemarie Hilton from-Rosa’s Keto Treats