Getting Bored With Foods On Keto diet?

Getting Bored With Foods On Keto diet?

Eating a low carb diet can be good for you, especially if you have struggled with diabetes or difficulties processing carb-rich foods. One of the biggest things I come across with clients who have tried the Keto diet in the past are saying they are unable to stick to eating a low carb diet for very long? I have had many clients who start strong on their macros, who focused solely on eating meats, vegetables, and healthy fats. They are even making delicious keto meals and finding recipes and desserts on the internet. Some people even purchase the test strips and meters to make sure they are in ketosis.

So, why are many people starting strong but as time progresses they say ”They got bored?” Success with a low carb diet takes commitment. And, sometimes people hit a brick wall when it comes to their success. Commitment is serious, it’s the first thing that can make or break you. After a few weeks,  It becomes routine and we do not always have time to make the fancy meals we started to make. Eventually, people will just eat meat, vegetables, and fat at least some of the time without all the fancy recipes. So, By boring, I mean it just becomes routine, repetitive, and unexciting.

So, how do you overcome the boredom o succeed on your keto diet? I have listed 5 strategies to help you overcome the boredom of eating:

  • Keeping a food diary-Boredom from eating starts from poor awareness of your eating habits.

  • Plan your meals-Meal planning is an important part of good food awareness and planning your meals ahead of time will help with those busy days when you don’t have the time to create.

  • Set yourself daily achievable tasks- Eating due to boredom is a way of providing personal fulfillment and satisfaction. We need to have satisfying things to do and one thing that provides that satisfaction is food.

  • Carry a drink bottle with you-If you really need to have some hand-to-mouth action then carry a water bottle with you through the day and sip on it regularly. It can really help satisfy the need to snack on food.

  • Go easy on yourself-Changing your eating habits can be hard work. So if you have a slip-up, don’t get disappointed, learn from it, and make a plan to help you conquer it the next time.

Learning to eat well and develop healthy habits is a lifelong journey. The major problem with the boredom of eating is a lack of eating awareness. We eat without thinking. When we eat without thinking we have no recollection of how much we ate, why we ate it, or in some instances what we ate in the first place. So, don’t give up on your journey, be proactive and you’ll have success.

The content in this article is not medical advice and is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Always talk to your doctor before changing your diet.

Our guest blogger Lynette McCutcheon is a mother of 3. She is also a Health and Weight Loss Coach Specialized in the Ketogenic Diet, Ketosis, and Intermittent Fasting. She is also the founder of her own coaching business, “Down By Linitas Way” which is a community that helps empower women through support and motivation. Her desire and goal are to help women live healthier lifestyles in hopes that others will be inspired to join the movement.