Weight loss at the beginning of your diet

Written by LaToya Gay

November 16, 2020

So, you are on the Ketogenic diet, and “yes” you’ve tested and are finally in ketosis. During the first week on Keto, you may have noticed you have lost some weight. You may have also noticed you running to the restroom a lot. When we do decide to lose weight we usually want those pounds to come from fat right? Well, in the beginning, it can be tough to know exactly where our weight loss is coming from especially when you are first starting. Thing is, some of that initial low-carb diet weight loss comes from water weight. So, let me explain how this works. Carbohydrates are stored in the body as Glycogen and glycogen is the energy that is stored in your body along with three times its weight in water. Most people carry up to 2 thousand calories of glycogen in their bodies. 1 gram of Carbs equals 4 calories. So, 2 thousand calories divided by the 4 grams equals 500 grams which, is 500 grams of stored Carbohydrates which is located in your muscles. There is also, an additional 400 grams located in your liver. Which, equals 100 grams of additional stored Carbohydrates. The reason why this is so important to know is this. If you have 600 grams of Carbohydrates that will be accompanied by 5.5 pounds of added water weight. That means if you’ve recently started a low-carb diet, you can expect a few pounds of your weight loss to be from water. If you haven’t started yet well, Water you waiting for? (Notice the intentional wordplay :)) Our guest blogger Lynette McCutcheon is a mother of 3. She is also a Health and Weight Loss Coach Specialized in the Ketogenic Diet, Ketosis, and Intermittent Fasting. She is also the founder of her own coaching business, “Down By Linitas Way” which is a community that helps empower women through support and motivation. Her desire and goal are to help women live healthier lifestyles in hopes that others will be inspired to join the movement.


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