Why did we choose the Keto lifestyle?

Written by LaToya Gay

July 22, 2020

We chose keto because we have tried everything else. But guess what! We were still hungry. We did not get big because we lacked eating. We got big because we loved to eat!

We have heard and seen others on this diet and figured it was our turn. Our turn to get healthy, our turn to be an example for our kids, our turn to reverse some health issues. It was our turn to be a healthier version of us.

We started off on pinterest, found some amazing keto groups and landed with our current coaches at Bio (fill in the rest of the name).

We have lost a total of 135lbs together and we are just getting started. After being on keto for 1 year, we do not see this being a diet, but a lifestyle and a mindset to just enjoy life, each other and enjoy the food we eat.

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